1. Waymo’s Commercial Self-Driving Service: Waymo, owned by Alphabet Inc., launched its autonomous ride-hailing service in Arizona, allowing selected users to hail self-driving cars for transportation.

2. Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta: Tesla released a beta version of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software, enabling certain Tesla vehicles to operate autonomously on approved roads in specific regions.

3. Cruise Autonomous Vehicle Testing: Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, received a permit to test their fully driverless vehicles on public roads in California without a safety driver.

4. Ford’s Autonomous Vehicle Partnership: Ford announced a partnership with Argo AI and Lyft to launch an autonomous vehicle ride-hailing network in select US cities, beginning with Miami and Austin.

5. Mobileye’s Autonomous Vehicle Testing in NYC: Intel’s Mobileye began testing its self-driving vehicles in New York City, including complex urban scenarios, to further refine their technology in challenging environments.

6. NVIDIA’s Orin AI SoC: NVIDIA unveiled Orin, its new system-on-a-chip (SoC) designed specifically for autonomous vehicles, providing high-performance computing capabilities for AI-driven functionalities.

7. Luminar’s Iris Lidar System: Luminar Technologies introduced Iris, its advanced lidar system, offering improved perception capabilities with longer range and higher resolution for autonomous vehicles.

8. Autonomous Delivery Robots: Companies such as Nuro and Starship Technologies expanded their autonomous delivery robot services, aiming to offer contactless and efficient delivery solutions.

9. Bosch’s Automated Valet Parking: Bosch showcased its automated valet parking system, which allows vehicles to autonomously find a parking spot, park, and return to the user’s location when summoned.

10. Autonomous Vehicle Legislation: Several regions implemented legislation to encourage the development and adoption of autonomous vehicles, including updated regulations in the US, Europe, and China, promoting the advancement of the technology.

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