1. Electric vehicle mandates: Several countries have introduced or strengthened regulations promoting the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by setting targets for EV sales and imposing penalties on automakers for non-compliance.

2. Emission regulations: Stricter emission standards have been implemented in many regions, including Europe (Euro 6d-TEMP) and China (China VI), aiming to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles and encourage a shift towards cleaner technologies.

3. Autonomous vehicle regulations: Governments are developing frameworks to regulate autonomous vehicles (AVs), focusing on safety standards, liability issues, and testing requirements to ensure the safe deployment of self-driving cars on public roads.

4. Cybersecurity and data protection: With the increasing connectivity of vehicles, regulations surrounding cybersecurity and data protection have gained prominence to safeguard against potential cyber threats and protect consumer privacy.

5. Vehicle safety standards: Enhanced safety regulations are being introduced, such as requirements for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), improved crash test protocols, and safety features like pedestrian detection and emergency braking.

6. Regulations on vehicle recall and reporting: Governments are implementing stricter regulations on automakers to improve safety by ensuring timely reporting of defects and conducting proper vehicle recalls when necessary.

7. Sustainable materials and recycling: Regulations are being established to encourage the use of sustainable materials in automobile manufacturing and promote responsible recycling practices to reduce environmental impact.

8. Noise regulations: Measures to reduce vehicle noise pollution have been introduced, including stricter noise limits for vehicles, enforcement of soundproofing requirements, and the introduction of silent electric vehicle warning systems.

9. Import/export regulations: Changes in trade policies and tariffs have impacted the automotive industry, affecting vehicle imports and exports between countries. Governments may introduce new regulations on trade agreements and customs procedures.

10. Tax incentives and subsidies: Governments are offering tax incentives and subsidies to promote the adoption of clean vehicles, including EVs and low-emission vehicles, thereby encouraging manufacturers and consumers to embrace greener transportation options.

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