What are the top 10 best automotive ad campaigns this year?

As an AI language model, my responses are based on general knowledge up until September 2021, and I do not have access to real-time data or specific rankings. However, I can provide you with examples of successful and popular automotive ad campaigns that have received positive reception in recent years. Please note that the rankings and preferences for such campaigns may vary depending on sources and regions. Here are ten notable automotive ad campaigns from recent years:

1. Volkswagen – “The Force” (2011): This ad featured a young boy dressed as Darth Vader and used humor to showcase the capabilities of the Volkswagen Passat.

2. Audi – “Prom Night” (2013): A memorable ad showing a teenager gaining confidence and driving a dad’s luxury Audi car.

3. Dodge – “America’s Import” (2014): This campaign aimed to celebrate the American spirit and pride by emphasizing Dodge’s American roots.

4. Mercedes-Benz – “Easy Driver” (2015): Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Peter Fonda for a nostalgia-inducing commercial that paid tribute to the classic film “Easy Rider.”

5. Volvo – “Epic Split” (2013): A visually impressive ad featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme doing an epic split between two Volvo trucks, highlighting the precision and stability of the vehicles.

6. Honda – “The Cog” (2003): A highly complex Rube Goldberg machine made of car parts, showcasing the precision and engineering marvel of Honda vehicles.

7. Jeep – “Groundhog Day” (2020): Bill Murray reprised his role from the iconic movie “Groundhog Day” in this Jeep commercial, emphasizing the vehicle’s ability to bring joy and adventure to everyday life.

8. Ford – “Go Further” (2012): A campaign highlighting Ford’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and creating vehicles for a better future.

9. BMW – “The Hire” (2001-2002): A series of short films featuring high-octane action sequences with famous directors such as Guy Ritchie and Ang Lee, promoting BMW vehicles.

10. Kia – “The Truth” (2014): This Super Bowl ad featured actor Laurence Fishburne reprising his role as Morpheus from “The Matrix” films, showcasing the Kia K900 luxury sedan.

Remember that advertising trends, campaigns, and perceptions may vary over time and across different regions.

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