While there are several innovative automotive startups making waves in the industry, it is challenging to provide an updated list of the top 10 startups specifically for this year. However, here are ten notable automotive startups that have shown promise in recent years:

1. Rivian: Known for its electric vehicles (EVs) and advanced battery technology.
2. Arrival: Specializes in producing electric delivery vans designed for commercial use.
3. Canoo: An electric vehicle manufacturer with a focus on subscription-based ownership models.
4. Fisker: Developing sustainable and stylish electric vehicles.
5. NIO: A Chinese EV manufacturer known for its cutting-edge battery-swapping technology.
6. Waymo: A subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. (Google), working on autonomous vehicle technology.
7. Zoox: Focusing on autonomous ride-hailing and developing self-driving cars from scratch.
8. Proterra: Designing and manufacturing electric buses and charging systems.
9. Aurora: A leader in autonomous vehicle technology, developing self-driving software.
10. Xpeng: A Chinese electric vehicle company that utilizes artificial intelligence in its vehicles.

Remember that the automotive industry is dynamic, and many startups are continuously emerging and evolving.

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