It is difficult to provide an accurate and up-to-date ranking of the top 10 automotive brands that have improved their reputation this year, as perceptions and reputations can vary based on different metrics and sources. However, based on various reports, studies, and industry analyses, here are ten automotive brands that have received positive recognition for their improving reputations in recent times:

1. Tesla: Known for its innovative electric vehicles, Tesla has consistently improved its reputation as a leader in electric mobility and autonomous driving technology.

2. Hyundai: Hyundai has gained recognition for its commitment to quality, reliability, and stylish designs, which have played a significant role in improving its reputation.

3. Toyota: A brand known for longevity and reliability, Toyota has garnered trust in its vehicles due to its focus on safety, fuel efficiency, and sustainability.

4. Subaru: Subaru has steadily enhanced its reputation by offering reliable and safe vehicles, a strong commitment to the environment, and being a favorite among outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

5. Audi: This luxury brand has improved its reputation through advancements in technology, luxurious design, and an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

6. Volvo: Volvo’s reputation has grown due to its strong commitment to safety and environmental sustainability, along with its innovation in autonomous driving technology.

7. Kia: Kia has experienced a reputation overhaul by offering stylish and dependable vehicles at affordable prices, backed by an industry-leading warranty.

8. Ford: Known for its iconic status in the automotive industry, Ford has improved its reputation by focusing on electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as advancements in autonomous driving features.

9. Mazda: Renowned for its “Zoom-Zoom” philosophy, Mazda has enhanced its reputation by providing fun-to-drive and fuel-efficient vehicles, with a focus on design and reliability.

10. Porsche: Porsche has seen a reputation boost with its commitment to high-performance, luxury sports cars, and its transition towards electric vehicles with models like the Taycan.

Please note that this ranking is subjective and based on various sources. Depending on different studies and perspectives, other automotive brands may also be considered as having improved their reputation this year.

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